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2021-current: Research data manager

Utrecht University Library, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
🔽 Job description

As a research data manager, I support researchers at the university with their data management and open data-related issues. Typical topics include data storage, privacy, metadata, making data and software FAIR, reproducibility, version control, etc.

2020-2021: Lab and data manager

Society, Youth and Neuroscience Connected (SYNC) lab, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
🔽 Job description

  • As data manager, I formulated ways to move towards open science practices and looked at how the group handled their research data (privacy, data structure, long-term access, etc.) and how we could improve that. In both data management and open science, I tried to educate myself as much as possible and keep a close eye on international developments, connecting with researchers and support staff from national and international institutions.
  • As lab manager, I coordinated and supported all kinds of lab-wide events and initiatives, including (but not limited to):
    • organizing meetings
    • functioning as liaison between the SYNC lab and EUR's research support staff
    • improving how we worked (incl. with data)
    • involvement in the citizen science platform, YoungXperts, where youth are actively involved in the group's research during brainstorms and cocreation sessions

2020-2021: Data manager

Leiden Consortium on Individual Development (L-CID), Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands
🔽 Job description

As data manager for L-CID, a large multi-cohort twin study, I helped make the data and metadata FAIR and their documentation interpretable, in order for this amazing dataset to be useful and useable in the future.

2019-2020: Data manager

Brain and Development Research Center, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands
🔽 Job description

In this developmental psychology group, I helped researchers transition towards applying better data management and open research practices, such as folder structures and versioning, preregistration, data sharing and privacy issues. I continued this job when the Research Center was split up into the SYNC lab and the CHANGE Leiden research platform.

2019-2020: Educational content developer and e-moderator

Utrecht University Medical Center and Animal Welfare Body, Utrecht, The Netherlands
🔽 Job description

In the development and testing phase of the learning track My Animal Research: Experimental Design, a learning track for PhD students who are setting up an animal experiment, I developed the contents of the online learning environment and functioned as e-moderator during the pilot phase of the project (Sept.-Dec. 2019), keeping contact with all involved participants, teachers and coordinators.

2010-2019: Several side jobs

During my secondary school and university studies, I had several side jobs
🔽 List of jobs

  • 2016-2019: Tutor for several secondary school pupils in several subjects (e.g, maths, chemistry, Latin, Greek)
  • 2018-2019: Student assistant on the Brainlinks project at the Brain and Development Research Center, Leiden University
  • 2016: Summer school tutor (maths and Latin): pupils had the chance to still go to the next year if they passed a test after two weeks of additional study in the summer
  • 2014-2016: Sales employee at Blokker, Utrecht
  • 2012-2013: Cashier at Jumbo supermarket, Leeuwarden

2016-2021: Online courses

To gain some more relevant skills, I sometimes follow online courses, most of them in my free time
🔽 List of courses

  • 2021: Introduction to programming in Python - Center for Digital Scholarship, Leiden University, see the materials here
  • 2019-2020: Specialization Data Science: Foundations using R - Johns Hopkins University via Coursera
  • 2019: Research data management and sharing (grade: 89.7%) - UNC & University of Edinburgh via Coursera
  • 2019: Adobe InDesign Made Easy: A Beginners Guide to InDesign - Infinite Skills via Udemy
  • 2016: Several statistics courses (average grade: 92.6%): Basic statistics, Inferential statistics, quantitative methods - University of Amsterdam via Coursera

2016-2019: MSc Neuroscience and Cognition (8.5)

Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Major: Cognitive neuroscience
Minor: Science education and communication
🔽 Activities

  • 2018-2019: Intern education - Utrecht University Museum, Utrecht
    As part of my minor Science education and communication, I developed an educational program for the University Museum Utrecht for secondary school pupils (havo/vwo 1-2 and vmbo 1-3) about social sciences (attention), using the methods of inquiry-based learning (onderzoekend leren)
  • 2018: Literature research: 'Neural mechanisms of adolescent fear extinction and fear extinction during reconsolidation: a literature review', supervised by dr. Marieke Bos and prof. dr. Joke Baas.
  • 2017-2018: Research intern - Brain and Development Research Center, Leiden University, Leiden
    During this internship, I set up, carried out and wrote about an fMRI study and planned and tested many adolescents (9-17 years old) for a large longitudinal research project (Brainlinks)
  • 2017-2018: Author (2017: 11(1)) and reviewer (2017: 11(1-2) & 2018: 12(1-2)) at the Journal of Neuroscience and Cognition
  • 2016-2017: Secretary - Mind the Brain symposium, Utrecht University, Utrecht
    With 8 students, we organized a two-day neuroscience symposium, themed 'Criminal Minds'
  • 2016-2017: Research intern - Experimental Psychology, Utrecht University, Utrecht
    During this project, I set up, carried out and wrote about a longitudinal experiment into unilateral hearing loss and sound localization among healthy adults
🔽 Theses and reports

  • Huijser, D.C. (2018). Neural mechanisms of adolescent fear extinction and fear extinction during reconsolidation: a literature review. Master thesis, link to thesis.
  • Huijser, D.C. (2018). Tapping Trust Task (TTT): Investigating the mechanisms of interpersonal synchrony in the trust game. Internship report, link to report.
  • Huijser, D.C. (2017). Using audiovisual recalibration to restore spatial hearing in the human brainstem during asymmetrical hearing loss. Internship report. Embargoed.
  • Huijser, D.C. (2017). Functional connectivity changes and cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s Disease. Journal of Neuroscience and Cognition, 11(1), link to review.

2013-2016: BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences (8.2)

Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Major: Cognitive and neurobiological psychology
Minor: Language development
🔽 Theses

  • Huijser, D.C., & Lichtenberg, L. (2016). Social Status and Status Motivations: The Association between the Wish for Popularity and Social Status in Late Childhood. Bachelor thesis,
    Thesis supervised by dr. Aart Franken, grade: 8.0/10
  • Huijser, D.C., Bakermans, M., Purkins, M. (2015). Looking down, moving up. An interdisciplinary approach to the consequences of the current language situation that has developed as a result of the elite status of the English language in India. Interdisciplinary bachelor thesis,
    Thesis supervised by dr. Merel van Goch, grade: 7.9/10

2007-2013: Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO) (8.1)

Christelijk Gymnasium Beyers Naudé, Leeuwarden,The Netherlands
Profile: Economics and Society


Dutch (native), English (competent in writing, understanding, speaking), French (basic), German (basic), Frisian (basic)


Microsoft Office and Google alternatives, (interactive) presentation tools, Markdown, Git(hub), HTML, R, SPSS


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Organization, analytical, collaborative, goal-oriented, eager to learn, communicative