What I do

Note: most of my output can also be viewed on my ORCID profile.

Research data management

As a data steward, my job is to help researchers with their research data management questions and issues. For different labs, this can mean different things. For example, I may help them with creating metadata, taking care of privacy issues, making data FAIR, helping to write a data management plan and thinking about code and software sharing.

Related activities

Open science

I see research data management as part of open science, but not the entire story. There is more to open science than 'just' data sharing. For example, I think that open science means collaborating instead of competing, and being inclusive and transparent across the entire research cycle. See also Utrecht University's vision on open science, which is a good reflection of my own views.

Related activities

Science communication

Science communication is a personal interest of mine. I therefore try to involve it as much as possible in my job and encourage researchers to think about the meaning of their work for society. I am also very interested in how to involve a more diverse audience in scientific activities.

Related activities

  • I used to help with the organization and maintenance of our YoungXperts citizen science platform and with evaluating our citizen science activities
  • I used to co-manage the SYNC lab and OpenMR Benelux Twitter accounts
  • I sometimes write blogs
  • I was editor for the SYNC e-magazine for societal partners and policy makers
  • In September 2019, helped conduct a literature review which formed the basis of this report for the Dutch Educational Board (Onderwijsraad) about gender differences in cognitive development (press release)


  • 2021/06/10 - Data sharing in neuroscience: a few recommendations @ Dutch Neuroscience Meeting 2021 | abstract | slides
  • 2020/12/03 - Open science: just science done right @ Leiden Institute of Brain and Cognition | slides
  • 2020/10/07 - Introduction to sharing brain MRI data @ Open Science Community Rotterdam | abstract | slides
  • 2020/06/23 - Sharing MRI data while protecting participants’ privacy: Two tools to get started @ OHBM Open Science room | abstract | slides | recording