What I do

Note: most of my output can also be viewed on my ORCID profile.

Research data management

As a research data manager, my job is to help researchers with their research data management questions and issues. For different projects, this can mean different things. For example, I may help them with creating metadata, taking care of privacy issues, making data FAIR, writing a data management plan and thinking about data and code sharing.

Related activities

Coordination / project management

Besides doing data management-specific work, such as documentation, code writing, and helping researchers with their data management-related questions, being a research data manager also entails a lot of coordination work. For example, in the Data Privacy Project, a lot of the work is basically coordinating with data support outside of the library, to get everyone on the same page and share knowledge and ideas. Similarly, in the Connecting Data in Child Development project, I am primarily coordinating the activities surrounding the collection and subsequent harmonization of the metadata we need from the involved cohort studies. This requires keeping the end goal in mind, keeping an overview of the entire project, and knowing what can be asked from which stakeholder / project member. Finally, within our department, improving our services always has to happen in concert with other departments or faculties, and thus constant communication between parts of the organization is necessary.

Education & Training

Finally, education and training is a large part of my professional journey. This is reflected in all activities mentioned below.

Related activities

  • Developing trainings within our department, such as a basic privacy training we are currently developing.
  • Training myself by following courses and learning from my colleagues
  • Providing the occasional training to researchers myself, mostly within Utrecht University, for example on basic Research Data Management, data sharing, and privacy (see also the Talks section)

Previous activities

The above activities mostly reflect activities in my current job position. However, my previous job activities also reflect a important parts of my experiences. Below are some examples.

Related activities


  • 2022/06/23 - Data sharing 2032: Data sharing in practice @ Think Open days at CIMeC and LawTech Group at the University of Trento, Italy | abstract | slides | recording
  • 2021/11/25 - First steps to making your data FAIR (co-presented) @ ONWAR Annual PhD Meeting | abstract | slides
  • 2021/06/10 - Data sharing in neuroscience: a few recommendations @ Dutch Neuroscience Meeting 2021 | abstract | slides | recording
  • 2020/12/03 - Open science: just science done right @ Leiden Institute of Brain and Cognition | slides
  • 2020/10/07 - Introduction to sharing brain MRI data @ Open Science Community Rotterdam | abstract | slides
  • 2020/06/23 - Sharing MRI data while protecting participants' privacy: Two tools to get started @ OHBM Open Science room | abstract | slides | recording