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Hi! My name is Dorien. I am currently a research data manager at the Utrecht University Library, providing support for researchers surrounding the management of their data. In the past, I was the data manager in a developmental neuroscience group, where I focused on not only data management, but also other aspects of open science (e.g., data sharing, publishing open access, preregistrations, etc.) within the field of developmental neuroscience. I also have some educational experience in developing and moderating a online course on designing animal experiments, and tutoring high schoolers. During my studies, I gained experience in, among others, working in an interdisciplinary way and performing research myself. These experiences have helped me navigate my current job. However, I'm always looking for more skills to learn during both my professional and personal journey!


The privacy monster

While privacy professionals see the GDPR as lenient towards research, researchers often seem to experience the reverse. Why, and what can we do to tame the privacy monster? Read More ›

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